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I mentioned a while ago that we were going to try and arrange some special purchases with our makers, well here they are. These are mostly boxes that we have had before at much higher prices and sold out on them. The maker, in each case, has ended up with odd pieces left in their stock and we are fortunate enough to be able to get them at greatly reduced prices. My intent here was to get all of you some really great buys so we are taking a hefty reduction in our markons as well and combined you are getting these boxes are really remarkable prices. These are not seconds. These are not boxes that have not sold well, these are odds and ends that the makers have found on shelves unsold and you are going to benefit. Remember, these are mostly ones and two of a kind and in our stock we only have 1 of each so if you like the box order it immediately because I doubt that any will be available again.

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A. A collection based on the Antique Tobacco Leaf Pattern done in shades of blue, green and rose.

A1. The Rabbit.  Originally in our catalog at $272.90.  Best Buy at $136.90.

A2.  The Turtle.
Originally in our catalog at $167.90.  Best Buy at $85.90.


B. The Maharaja Elephant Box. Originally designed as part of a group of full size table top pieces that was so successful Chamart reproduced them in miniature. An ultra sophisticated version of a very old design that stems from India. Notice the body dress of the elephant, the ankle bracelets and cap that extends down the trunk of the animal. The coloring of the box is particularly pleasing to the eye, soft but nevertheless, impressive! Stunning on a desk or library table. The Perfect Gift for a man! In the catalog at $169.90.  Best Buy at: $85.90.



C. The Double Wedding Ring Box. There have been few Limoges Ring Boxes made over the years, although there are always numerous requests for them, so you can imagine how pleased I was to find this treasure . A pair of white doves sitting atop a gleaming gold double box that holds two rings side by side.  The interior is lined in deep blue velvet fastened by a rope of braided gold and a clasp of twined hearts  to secure it all. Voila!  A place to keep his and her wedding rings.  Perfect for the nightstand.  Perfection for the proposal.  Thoughtful as a wedding gift and what could be nicer as an anniversary gift!  Retail:  About $151.00.  Best Buy at $75.90.

D. Please understand, these are not boxes, they are very tiny teacups and saucers, the saucer being 3" in diameter and the cup 3/4" high. They wee made only for us. Retail: Upwards of $200. Our price each: $178.90. Best Buy at $89.90 each.

A. The Golden Dragon Teacup
. A miniature cup and saucer exactly matching the teapot of the same name. A black porcelain exterior with and elaborate gold dragon touched with Chinese red on the cup and a scroll design in gold touched with Chinese red on the saucer.

B. The Sri Lanka Teacup
. A miniature cup and saucer exactly matching the teapot of the same name. Gold ground with leafy tendrils of a vine as an all over pattern interspersed with buds, flowers and varicolored butterflies all tiny, tiny, tiny. The saucer is done in white ground with the same motifs rimming it and gold borders to carry out the coloring.

C. The Souchong Teacup
. A miniature cup and saucer exactly matching the teapot of the same name. An all over Chinese red design on a white ground with color blocks of the Chinese Red all edged in gold. this piece, like the teapot, has a very Victorian feeling.

NOTE: All of the cups and saucers have slightly ruffled rims.

NOTE: In doing some research for the catalog I just ran across an interesting bit of information that I thought might interest our "Tea Collectors". The reason that the inside of most teacups is white is to "facilitate an accurate assessment of the color of the tea" when being brewed. That comes under the heading of Elayne's Trivia.


H. The Little Prince Boxes

H1. The Pilot's First Drawing, The Snake Box. The Pilot drew a boa constrictor which had eaten an elephant. Those who were shown the drawing thought it was a hat. "Only a person of true understanding" saw The Snake. The elephant is dimensional and removable. The clasp is a very tiny flower. Inside the box, "Grown-ups never understand anything." In the catalog at $119.90. Best Buy at $85.90.


H2. The Box and The Sheep. The Little Prince asked The Pilot to draw him a picture of a sheep. The Pilot draws a box and a sheep inside of it. "Only a person of true understanding" sees The Sheep. The sheep is dimensional and removable. The box appears as a wooden box and has air holes on the front of it. The clasp is a very tiny flower. In the catalog at $150.90. Best Buy at $115.90.


H3. The King Box. The Prince meets the King of a neighboring asteroid who labors under the delusion that he rules the world. He doesn't, of course, and a lesson is learned by The Prince, "The importance of free will." Inside the box, "I rule over everything." painted, and a crown which is dimensional and removable. In the catalog at $215.90. Best Buy at $129.90.




H. Monsieur D'Artagnan, The Performing Arts Cat Box. This is the book by Dumas with El Catto in the role. His costume is a thing of beauty! The pleated ruff collar, the golden embroidery and the ruffled lace cuffs all done in exacting detail. A dashing Mouse Catcher, I must say. Inside a feather, I wonder why? And a feather for the clasp. The bookbinding is "leather" hand tooled (painted) in gold. I thought about putting this book in La Bibliotheque but he asked if he could be seated with his friends. Retail: Upwards of $211.00. Best Buy at $129.90.

J. The Library of Classics Box. What fine library could be complete without having Charles Dickens in it? Or Canterbury Tales by Chaucer? Well, maybe that last one is stretching it a bit but certainly Victor Hugo and Voltaire should be included. What? You say you don't have those authors on your shelves? Then now is the time to remedy that. Here are four volumes each by one of the aforementioned authors, a magnifying glass is included for those of you who have trouble reading Old English. The books are leather bound, beautifully tooled in gold and a quill pen is the clasp. Inside, the backstamp. Retail: $195.00. Our price: $175.90. Best buy at $109.90.


J. The Umpire Yelled "Play Ball" Box. The Stadium is jam packed, standing room only. This is the biggest game of the year! Last half of the ninth inning and it's all tied up. ! The fans are wild. Slowly, from out of the dugout comes Kirk Gibson. Injured in the last game, he can hardly stand up. Limping to the plate he's coming in as a pinch hitter! What a guy! He's got the heart of a lion! He limps to the plate, sets himself... the pitcher glances around the field then slowly winds up... the ball flies in to the plate at 93 miles an hour. Crack! He connects with the ball and it sails out over the field, the whole stadium is on their feet screaming. It's headed for the right field bleachers. Is it gonna be fair or foul? It's fair! It's fair! A Home Run! We won! The fans and the players went wild. People swarmed over the field. Most laughing but some crying. That game will be in my memory forever. That play took The Dodgers to the World Series in 1988. If you are a fan then this box is for you! A jam packed stadium with a batter standing at the plate! Inside, I Love Baseball! The clasp, a star. In the catalog at $219.90. Best Buy at $175.90.




M. The Perfume Egg Box. Elegant and understated until it is opened and then it fairly shouts of luxe. A brilliant gold liner surrounds a tiny perfume flacon with an elaborately wrought cap that is set with one pearl. Handsome on a dressing table and a smashing gift for a special someone who collects perfume bottles. In our Catalog at: $234.90. Best Buy at $89.90.




N. The Pin Box. Nothing more than a pretty shape and an elegant design but with either of the other two pieces in this group the contrasting shape becomes important. Inside a tiny gold motif. In our Catalog at: $175.90. Best Buy at $69.90.



O. The Evening Handbag Box. A tiny purse with an elaborate gold motif that took a simple shape and made it important. It has a minute link chain for carrying convenience. Inside a tiny gold motif. In our Catalog at: $192.90. Best Buy at $79.90.





P. The Strawberry Tart Box. The berries from the basket have ended up, some of them, in this Glazed Strawberry Tart. I'll bet it is filled with a vanilla custard or maybe with whipped cream. Yummmm! It looks good enough to eat!! Don't you just love spring when the first strawberries arrive. Here in Southern California all of the farmers markets always have freshly picked strawberries and I never can resist them. They are grown in Camarillo which is just a few miles northwest of Los Angeles, there you can drive for miles and see them growing in the fields.
In the early spring it is fun to drive out and get them at the roadside stands that all of the growers have. If you get there early in the morning the berries have just been picked and you don't know what heaven is if you haven't had a "just picked" strawberry. Our price: $166.90. Best Buy at $39.90.


Q. The Cocker Spaniel Box. A bit older, more sedate, still with her ball close by. Inside, her dog house. Retail: Upwards of $175.00. Our price: In the Catalog at $148.90. Best Buy at $59.90.




T. The Band of Angels Boxes. Three charming tiny (2.5 inches tall) winged figures dressed alike but colored differently, each playing an instrument. Inside a G clef symbol and the clasp a lyre. In the Catalog at $172.90. Our price: Best Buy at $49.90 each.
1. Angel with Accordion.
2. Angel with Viola.
3. Angel with Lyre.




W. The Choir Boy Box. It is Christmas Eve and as we enter the church we hear the choir's young voices sweetly singing Silent Night. Never did it sound lovelier than on this night. Dressed in surplice with high white collars, red undergowns, their music books open, the lovely voices fill the air with heavenly sounds. The open books and the interior of the box display musical notes and staves. The clasp is unimportant to the box.In the Catalog at $159.90.  Best Buy at $49.90.



X. The Wedding Shoe Box. A heavily embroidered fabric (appearing) shoe done in Renaissance style with a high throat, an elaborate diamonte buckle and the embroidery in relief, this shoe was made to match the Bridal Gown. The heel of the shoe opens as the box, a French bow is the clasp. Delicate with the elongated look of Renaissance shoes. Catalog price: $215.90. Best Buy at $89.90.


B. The Wedding Limousine Box. The wedding party seen through it's windows. Catalog price: $147.90. Best Buy at $89.90.

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