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Limoges Porcelain Boxes
(This set of boxes is 4" x 2" in size)

These boxes are by Special Order.

The Barbershop Trio Box(es)

An old fashioned shaving stand with razor and brush combine to make the only triple hinged box I have seen. The subject matter is masculine but it would look smashing in a guest bath or powder room collection. Certainly it is a conversation piece. It is quite unique and to my knowledge has never been made before. The Razor has a "brass capped wooden handle" and silver "metal" blade. The box opens just below the head. The Brush also has a "brass capped wooden" handle and opens just below the "badger hair" head. The Shaving Stand has a "wood" base and a metal shaft which holds both razor and brush.The base of the stand opens to reveal a fitted interior in which are a dimensional tooth brush and tube of tooth paste, both removable. Everything for his morning "toilette". The clasp, a handshake. Retail: Upwards of $315.00. Our price $289.90.
Note: This box is a limited edition of 500 pieces world wide.

Did You Know That....... Barbershops were a familiar sight in ancient Greece and Rome. Then, as now, transmission centers for news and gossip. In ancient Egypt the great houses had household barbers whose services were part of the hospitality offered.

In Europe, starting in the 12th century, barbers were the surgeons and performed all manner of surgeries. In the 14th century the king's barber/valet, became the head of all barbers and surgeons in France. Ambroise Paré, one of the great pioneers of surgery, was a barber giving shaves and haircuts for a living as well as performing surgery.

In England barbers and surgeons were joined in a trade guild and addressed as "Master". British surgeons to this day are addressed as "Mister" not "Doctor".

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