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Artoria Limoges

Artoria Limoges is a family owned business located in the City of Limoges on the banks of the Vienne River. They have been in business for several generations and, from the outset, they have produced only the finest quality porcelain and many of the most beautiful Limoges Boxes ever made.

They control all phases of their production from the manufacture of their own porcelain to the designing, sculpting, mold making, pouring, painting and mounting. They have their own kilns, which some of the makers do not, and control the firing process completely, resulting in some of the most intricately designed boxes being produced. They do not use transfers in the making of their boxes. All of their boxes are completely hand painted.

Most of Artoria's production is directed to their Limited Edition Series of boxes: i.e. The Wedding Collection, The Sports Collection, The Dogs, The Cats, The Garden, The Flowers, several Christmas Collections that get added to annually, and collections for all of the other major holidays of the year. Over the years they have established so many Collections that they are too numerous to mention here. Some of the collections are "Theme Collections" where each box made is part of the same genre and others are "Classic Collections" where both the subject matter and the designs are related to past boxes and those can include everything from cups and saucers to small vases and large and small boxes. Certain of their theme boxes are so intricately designed and so difficult to make that they are never copied. It would be useless for they cannot be produced in a lesser manner and still retain the detail that is part of every Artoria box.

On occasion they retire a mold, and when this occurs, the breaking ceremony is witnessed and the pieces of the mold become instantly in demand by collectors. As well, the retiring of a mold makes that particular Limoges Box a very valuable Item indeed. The price rises dramatically when no more are to be made.

Artoria's mark is:

Peint Main
Limoges France
Limited Edition Number, signature of artist
arranged as above.

Artoria boxes are in demand the world over and, if a private collection is to be complete, it should include some of the Artoria boxes.

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