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Animal Portraits, The Eyes Are the Windows of The Soul.

We have not had anything like these boxes previously, the reason being, in the main, that I never cared for the quality of the art work on them. These are a far cry from anything I have ever seen before in this type of box. They are lovely! So lovely that I have included in my own personal collection the White Persian Cat Box that you see pictured. Wonderfully well done, truly representative of the animal involved and actually works of art despite the fact that they are Rehaussé Main and that the painting is an enhancement of a transfer. I hope that you will enjoy them not just as Limoges boxes but as art because the painting on each of these is superb and makes the animal come alive. The enhancement is only on the portrait itself, the balance of the box is hand painted.

A. The Eyes of A Cat Box. I call it this because looking at this box you are irresistibly drawn to the eyes. They are incredibly beautiful! Startlingly beautiful! And the animal is so real you want to reach out and stroke her soft, silky coat. A purebred White Persian with the bluest eyes and an exquisite face. You can see she is called Princess because why would she answer to anything else unless is it Your Highness? She knows she is royalty. You can see that in her expression. The portrait couldn't be more perfect with the pale blue ground and the softness of the blossoms just off to her left. To have achieved a portrait of this quality, not using Rehaussé Main, it would take an artist of the caliber of Leslie Ann Ivory, who is unsurpassed in her cat portraits, and the cost would be prohibitive. The interior of the box is also pale blue with a ball of yarn, painted, and the clasp is the head of a cat. Retail: About $195.00. Our price: $175.90. NEW from Rochard.

  The following item is by Special Order only.
B. The Eyes of King Charles Spaniels Box. Again, the eyes of these dogs reveal the souls of the animals. So deep, you feel as though you are falling into them when you gaze at this exquisite work of art. How the artist was able to achieve this I do not know but the depth of the eyes is astonishing. Interesting that, looking at these portraits, you sense that the animal on the left is a female and the one on the right is the male. I think, perhaps, it is the strength of the jaw lines that project this knowledge but it surely must be the case. The ground of the box lid is chased, in the same manner as gold would be chased, only here it is done by a process of laying enamel over paint to get the texture and then covering it all with gold paint. The shape of the box is most interesting, pentagonal, that has been softened with curves and around the base of the box, a handsome Spanish grillwork design in gold over a marbleized ground. So rich! And so perfect for the subject matter. Inside, a collar with dog tags, and the clasp is elegantly wrought and of very unusual design. Retail: About $165.00. Our price: $148.90. NEW from Rochard.

C. The Eyes of Yorkshire Terriers Box. Yorkies' eyes are quite different in expression than those of the previous animals. The reason being that the Yorkie is not a soulful animal, he is a fun loving rather skittish little terrier type who races around madly and his eyes reflect that liveliness. See how they sparkle! How alive they are! Look into their eyes! You can see that these dogs are laughing and ready for fun! The artist caught them perfectly. I have known, intimately, a couple of Yorkies and this is exactly how they look. They are always ready to race around and they just love it when there are lots of legs and feet that they can run in and out of and around and generally get under everyone's feet. Inside, a pink hair ribbon, painted, because when a Yorkie is "dressed" there has to be a hair ribbon to hold the top knot. Retail: About $165.00. Our price: $148.90. NEW from Rochard.


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