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Ameublement 1
France in the reigns of the three Louis'  XIV, XV and XVI, produced a large amount of furniture all in elaborate styles most of which was made for court use. Those styles are still, today, much in use although the lines between one and the other have become blurred over the years and the periods have extended much beyond the actual reign dates of the three rulers. These styles were very influential in furniture design in other countries as well and are still strong influences today.

A.  The Writing Desk Box.  Originally these consisted of small tables with matching slant fronted cabinets that stood on the flat surface. When the slant front was dropped, opening the box, it became a writing surface. On the inside they had tiny drawers and storage areas for writing materials.This one has porcelain inserts decorating it, a style that was used mainly in France where it was introduced in the reign of Louis XVI.  The porcelain mounts were made mainly at the Sevrès factory which was owned then by the King and which were inlaid into the veneered surface.  They gave the furniture a sumptuous look and were extremely fashionable in France. The clasp on the box is a quill pen. Our price; $184.90. Special order only.

B.  The Chest of Drawers Box.
 This type of chest evolved from an actual chest which early on had a single drawer added to its bottom.That resulted in drawers being stacked inside  the chest and then came a chest-of-drawers as we know it today.  This one has a slightly serpentine front and is ornamented with porcelain mounts set into the veneer.  The clasp imitates a furniture pull. Our price:$194.90. Special order only.

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has a lovely collection of Louis furniture with porcelain plaque inlays that includes desks, bureaus, chests and tables. If you are in the area it is certainly worth a trip to this wonderful museum to see these pieces.

C. The Parisian Washstand.  When running water was still to come, basins and ewers were used in bed chambers for one's personal ablutions.  This one is very leggy with  a porcelain tray beneath to hold the ewer, which is dimensional and removable, and the porcelain basin for the water atop it. The mirror stands over it all and is actually silvered.  The box is under the basin. At the side of the basin is the towel rack complete with a tiny fabric towel which is removable. (You may recall a scene from the motion picture Pride and Prejudice where Mr. Darcy doused himself with water from a basin and ewer in his luxurious bedroom at Rosings Park, this after Elizabeth told him what she thought of him.  They used basins and ewers in England as well.)  Retail:  About $187.00. Our price: $168.90.

D. The Rose Covered Chest with Mirror Box. (The mirror is silvered and does reflect images.) Resting on the surface of the chest is a gold rimmed, mirrored perfume tray on which sit three very tiny perfume bottles, all dimensional, two of which are removable. The bottom drawer opens and inside a folded shirt, painted..  Retail: About $317.00.  Our price: $285.90. A wonderful piece for someone who collects perfume bottles. Special order only.

E. The Rose Covered Escritoire Box.
A tiny writing desk with Queen Anne legs, a drop front which is the writing surface and also the box, and sitting on top, an ink pot and quill pen resting in it. Inside, dimensional and removable a personal journal and the clasp, a very tiny wild rose. Retail: About: $271.00. Our price: $243.90.Special order only.

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