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In a Sentimental Mood---Boxes for Valentine's Day.

G. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Boxes.
The gold ground on both of these boxes has the feeling of being heavily chased, a type of engraving that is done on metal but, of course, it is done not with an engraving tool as chasing is but with paint by an artist who is able to reproduce the appearance of chasing. It adds great interest to otherwise simple gold hearts.

The following item is No Longer Available.
G1. The Puffed Heart Box.
The chasing creates a cartouche in the center of the box that has two frolicking cherubs in it. Difficult to see in the photograph but actually very beautiful and simply elegant. Inside, a heart with an arrow through it, painted. The clasp, twined hearts. Retail: About $185.00. Our price: $166.90. Specially Priced for Valentine's Day: $109.90.

The following item is No Longer Available.
G2. The Heart With a Platinum Center Box.
Also chased but with a different feeling because of the platinum inset. A playing cherub fills the cartouche and inside, a heart with an arrow through it. The underside of the box is matte gold. Specially Priced for Valentine's Day. $105.90.

H1. The Chocoholic's Love Box. Give your love a box covered with hearts, tied with a red ribbon and inside -- A CHOCOLATE KISS! Nothing subtle about this expression of love -- it says "Kisses" right on the chocolate. Another FUN way to express Sweets to the Sweet. Retail: About $191.00. Our price: $171.90.

H2.  The Beribboned Petit Four Heart Box.  Tied with the most delicate of porcelain ribbons, this delightful box opens to reveal four dimensional and removable petit fours each frosted with the letters of LOVE.  A new and innovative way of expressing the sentiment.  She can enjoy these and nary a carb will touch her lips.  Retail:  $275.00.  Our price: $248.90.  Fresh from the Limoges pastry shop!

I. There's Nary a Puzzle to This Crossword Box -- it says "I Love you." If you have a Crossword fan on your list of loves then this is The Perfect Gift for a 6 letter word meaning either male or female that starts with G and has N and D for the 3rd and 4th letters. A fun way to get your message across and down. The clasp is twined hearts. Our price: $134.90.


J. The Envelope Addressed to The One You Love Box. The face of the envelope is preaddressed to whomever you want to tell "I Love You". Two hearts that are well suited. The underside of the box is the back of the envelope, sprinkled with tiny hearts and the return address on the envelope flap says "I Love You." Can there be any doubt about who is sending this to whom? It fairly shouts, For You from Me. The clasp is twined hearts and inside a scrolled letter that reads "I love you." Think she'll get the message? Our price: $145.90.

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