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In a Sentimental Mood --- Boxes for Valentine's Day.

A. The Peacock Heart Box. There are several things that make this box notable. First: It is the only peacock in our entire collection. The lid of the box is the detail of the tail feathers of a peacock with the body of the bird placed in a gold oval. The underside of the box has a single feather in detail. A really unusual design and not one that I have seen anywhere before this. Second: The box is featured in the book "Snuff to Sentiment" that Rochard published several years back which, in itself is a great compliment because the box is by Chamart. Third and perhaps last but certainly not least: Elton John owns this piece and it is prominently displayed in his collection of heart boxes. The clasp is an intricate fluted shell. design. Our price: $160.90.

B. The "Inside You See What Pleases Me" Box. A delightful way to say I love you. Quite different and something that will touch her heart. The outside of this box is very, very feminine, a cartouche in pink trimmed in gold, the whole of it in relief with roses and marguerites in it's center and beyond that the turquoise that Sevres made famous. Open the box, because that's where it's at -- and there -- two mirrors, one a beveled magnifying mirror. That's where "You see what pleases me." Both the upper and lower portions of this box are decorated identically, the idea being for the lady to carry it in her purse and think of you each time she uses it. Our price: $189.90. A stunning and innovative new box from Chamart.

C. The Heart Above All Box. Totally sentimental, this box looks like it might have been made in the early 1900's when cherubs and hearts along with red roses were indications of love and thought to be the romantically proper way to express love. Remember, we are speaking about a time that was poles apart from today's mores. The box is a footed oval with the heart held aloft by two cherubs.who are resting on a bed of roses. The heart carries your message, "Je t'aime" up there for all to see. Twenty years ago we were at Dodger Stadium and a plane flew over the stadium while the game was ongoing and it trailed a streamer that read, "I love you, (insert name), Marry me?" The stadium erupted in cheers and applause and I can only think that the young man got his wish. What girl wouldn't be swept off her feet by such a proposal? This box could have the same effect. It certainly got my attention. Our price: $209.90.

D. The Beribboned Heart Box. This is The Perfect Gift for a Dad to give his daughter -- or for expressing any love of the non-romantic variety. It certainly speaks of caring with a sweetness not often seen today. A bouquet of roses, pansies, tulips all tied with a green gingham ribbon. Such a delightful box. I think it is one of the prettiest we have had -- ever. A rose inside, painted, and twined hearts for the clasp. Our price: $219.90.

E. The Sevres Puffed Heart Box. A charming small heart done in a color that was developed by Sevres in the 18th century. Tiny roses decorate the cartouche and a thistle for the clasp. It also has the added charm of a small price. Retail: About $121.00. Our price: $108.90.

F.  The Heavenly Heart Box. Covered with peonies and ribbons of red, a gift of this heart will win you hers.  A  delicate expression of love. Retail:  About $165.00.  Our price: $148.90.  Just arrived!

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