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Too Beautiful For Words 14

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We have had numerous boxes that I have considered extraordinary examples of Limoges but we have never had one more beautiful that this particular box.  The painting on it is exquisitely done, the detail is exemplary and the subject matter is one of my very favorite patterns, a central motif taken from the Tobacco Leaf Pattern.  

The box itself is slightly larger than what we normally consider a Limoges Box but that is because this is a piece meant to be displayed by itself, not in combination with numerous smaller pieces.  Those become important when they are grouped together. This one is a star in its own right!

An octagon of 3 square inches, really just a smidgeon larger than many of our figural Limoges boxes, the stature of this piece makes it appear considerably larger and infinitely more important than most Limoges boxes.  It is a true trinket box that can hold any small treasure you would care to store in it but more importantly, it is a striking example of what Limoges can be, not cutesy, not amusing, but a piece of porcelain that will stand as a fine example of the art of porcelain making in years to come.  

Using a gold ground with an overlay of a sunburst design, the central motif of the Tobacco Leaf pattern is done in enormous detail using dozens of shadings, requiring many firings to provide the appearance of depth that the artist was able to achieve.  Touch the box and the porcelain is smooth excepting for some of the enamel work. But look at it and the peacock, the central flower and the leaves surrounding it, appear to be in relief.  In fact they are not.  Painted by one of the finest of the Limoges artists, this box was made only for Chamart. Our price: $449.90.

NOTE: Inside the box a simple gold motif.  The clasp however -- is a variation of the peacock that is featured in the design.

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