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Sewing a Fine Seam

Sewing and quilting have become major hobbies in recent years.  Many of my friends attend quilting workshops and belong to Quilters Guilds
and since quilting often requires hand work as well they have become quite adept at sewing “fine seams”, highly detailed pieces as well. Myself, I have never enjoyed sewing of any sort probably because I never was very good at it.  I recall having to make my grade school graduation dress when I was 13.  I wore it because we had to wear them -- or fail the class  -- but I worried, the entire time I had it on, that the darned thing would fall apart on me. Having said all of that --when I saw these boxes I couldn’t resist them they were so charming --despite the fact that sewing is just not my métier.  Perhaps it is yours.

A. The Sewing Basket Box.  Isn’t this the sweetest thing?  My friend Rosemary does a lot of sewing, always has a quilt or two in the works and is always looking for fabrics and trimmings that might, one day, be just the thing for one of her quilts.  In any case she keeps many of them in baskets and Emmy, her cat, finds them irresistible.
I think Emmy knows that if she sits there long enough she will get Rosemary’s attention.  In the basket, dimensional and real but not removable -- ribbons, laces, a scissor, a thimble and all sorts of fabric trimmings.  Inside the box a ribbon bow, painted, and the clasp -- a ribbon bow.  Retail:  About $293.00.  Our price: $263.90.

B.  Kris’ Sewing Trolley Box.
A table on wheels  used actually as a night stand. This sewing room is also a guest room and everything in it serves double duty. It has a lamp and Kris keeps pattern books and anything else she is using at that moment on it; some rolls of tape, dimensional and real, a scissor, painted, and inside are her extra glasses, her change purse and some money and what looks like receipts -- probably for some of the things recently purchased, all painted.  
Retail:  About $184.90.  Our price: $166.90.  

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