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Limoges Porcelain Boxes, Christmas boxes

The National Elections
This is a kind of fun spoof of our national political party system done in Limoges boxes. Not to be taken as partisan politics or even a political commentary by the writer, in fact, what it is, is just an opportunity to display some really delightful boxes that Chamart designed and that I thought were very timely. Whatever our politics, we are all Americans, and our interests remain basically the same: a strong democratic government of the people placed in power by the people, for the people, and periodically voted out of office by those very same people, to be replaced by another of the very same whatever it's name. We are, after all, a republic that operates as a democracy with the public able to voice their likes and dislikes of which ever administration is in office, every four years. What is most interesting about that is that over the years since the founding of the second major party in 1856, there have been many attempts to bring a viable third party into the political arena but none has ever succeeded in taking the presidency so we remain, realistically, a two party system of government. Myself, I vote for the boxes.

The following item is by Special Order Only.
B. Representing the Republican Party Box. I have no idea of why the elephant was chosen as the party symbol and look though I might I have not been able to learn the reason, but, it is what it is so here it is. An elephant with his trunk up for good luck, He is obviously trumpeting so he must be politicking. On his massive head and back are ornamental dressings that are suggestive of flag waving. His feet rest on a bed of straw which is kind of an interesting symbolism. The GOP, Grand Old Party, is not as old as its opposite number but, from 1860 when its second presidential candidate, Abraham Lincoln, won the election, until 1932, it was chosen by the people in 14 out of 18 elections. Did you know that? Inside the box, a star, painted, and the clasp is also a star. Our price: $197.90.

The following item is by Special Order Only.
C. Representing the Democratic Party Box. Here again, I could not find anything that spoke to why the donkey had been chosen as the party symbol. Dressed in similar head and back cloths to his counterpart, this chap is resting on a bed of straw and looking very pensive indeed. The question is: is he looking backward or forward? In 1932 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected and he remained in office for the best part of 16 years dying while in office. That was the longest period in which the same President has ever remained in office in this country and not long after his death the Congress decided not to let that ever happen again -- too much like a reign rather than an elected office, hence the two term maximum law was passed Inside a painted star and the clasp, another star. Our price: $189.90.

D. Representing the Forward Looking Democratic Party Box. This fellow is sitting up and taking nourishment! He looks actively involved in what is going on. He¹s even got his mouth open so I guess we can assume he is also politicking. (By the way, this is a really fine representation of the animal -- not to do with politics.) Inside the box, the American flag! And the clasp is a fellow party member. Our price: $209.90. REDUCED to $124.90.

E. The Hip Politician Box. In his Uncle Sam hat and red, white and blue sports jacket -- you can't mistake him for any but the political figure that he is. If there is any question about it? The big cigar clenched in his teeth and his posture say it all. He reminds me of the old time Tammany Hall politicians. They certainly could have been the inspiration for this box. He is clutching a pocket watch in one hand. Checking to see when the polls close, perhaps? In the other hand, behind his back, is what looks like money! A politician with moeny in his hand? Inside, the American flag, painted. The clasp is unimportant to the box. Our price: $209.90. REDUCED to $124.90.

Sorry, the following item is No Longer Available.
F. The Capitol, very small, Box. A very tiny version of the Capitol with enormous detail, also in bas relief, and this box is highly glazed. Inside an American flag waving on high. The clasp, our national symbol, the bald eagle with a sheaf of wheat in his claws. The box is only 1.5 by 1.5 inches. Retail $175.00. Our price: $157.90.

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