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Museum of Art 6

Have you ever thought about women in relation to art? How few famous women artists there have been over the centuries? Until the  Impressionists I cannot recall a single woman artist of any note.  The Impressionists, always breaking with tradition, did it once again when they welcomed Berthe Morisot and Mary Cassatt into their group.  Each of the women was introduced into the group by a man, Henri Fantin Latour introduced Berthe Morisot to Edouard Manet which gave her entree and Edgar Degas invited Mary Cassatt into the group.  Cassatt and Degas struck up a lifelong friendship and Degas had considerable influence over the direction of Cassatt¹s painting, there are even suggestions that he was her mentor.

U.  Lady at The Tea Table by Mary Cassatt Box.  Cassatt painted the Tea Ceremony a number of times.  In this particular painting the model was her cousin, Mary Riddle,  and the tea set, Chinese Export Porcelain in blue and white  had been given by Riddle to the Cassatt family.   It is interesting to note that Riddle was considered a handsome woman by the Cassatt family but, obviously, Mary Cassatt saw her a bit differently.  She is portrayed as a severe, almost puritanical figure; notice the mouth and her fingers.  Degas, who did not always care for Cassatt's portraits liked this one.   Retail:  About $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.   This is the first Mary Cassatt we have been fortunate enough to obtain.
V.  The Card Players by Paul Cézanne Box.
Cézanne was, for several years, part of the Impressionist movement  but he found that the style of painting did not achieve what he most wanted in his art, and he deserted the group  He went on to look for a painting style that had more of a sense of permanence and, in his eyes, coherence. Structure, natural form and spatial depth were what he struggled to achieve and ultimately did.  His work was the inspiration for the Cubist School and  it led, eventually, to modern painting. The Cezanne pictured here hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  Retail: $205.00.  Our price: $184.90.

WW.  Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh on an Easel Box.  
A larger version of Starry Night than those we have had previously and this version is framed as well.  Arguably the most famous of Van Gogh's paintings perhaps exceeded only by "Sunflowers".  Inside a dimensional and removable artist's palette. During his lifetime Van Gogh received no artistic recognition and it was not until after his death in 1890, and that of his brother Theo, 6 months later, that Johanna Van Gogh, Theo's widow, decided to dedicate the rest of her life to obtaining the recognition she felt Vincent deserved. Her dedication gave Van Gogh to the world. A priceless gift! Our price: $249.90.

About Vincent Van Gogh: After attempting several careers including selling art in a gallery and studying theology Van Gogh finally arrived at what was to become his life work -- becoming an artist. From the beginning his aim was "confoundedly difficult" he wanted to be an artist who "touched people." In his lifelong correspondence with his brother Theo he spoke of this repeatedly. Contrary to the impression of mental instability that has grown up around him he was a man of "pronounced intellectual tastes who spoke, in addition to his native tongue, English and French, fluently. He was "at home with the works of Shakespeare, George Eliot, Dickens, Balzac and Zola" and had an "enormous knowledge of art ranging from obscure to celebrated painters" over many centuries and from many lands. "Far from being the impetuous, mentally unstable painter of myth, for all but a few months of his working life Van Gogh could be numbered among the most industrious artists of his generation, as well as the most articulate."

Quotations taken from "Van Gogh's Van Gogh's," Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam by Richard Kendall.

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