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Memorable Mementos for Mother’s Day
There is one thing that we all come into this world having --a mother!  And from the moment of our birth her life changes dramatically.  Forever after we are in her thoughts constantly.  We take precedence over all else in her life and it will ever be thus.  She nurtures us, teaches us, feeds us, clothes us, watches over us in every way until we are grown and then, when we think we are adults and can manage on our own --that’s when we find out just how much we still rely on her.  Her wisdom, her life experience, and above all her love for us, give us an anchor, someone whom we know will always be there for us no matter the situation, the need or the time.

A. The Sweetly Sentimental Mother's Box. Appealing to a more conservative lady, this box is a miniature teapot filled with colorful posies. The pot is done in a Delft like design and has a tiny card on it that reads, "To Mother With Love." Inside a flower and the clasp is also a flower. Our price: $214.90.

B The Butterfly Boxes. These delicately beautiful butterflies  have wings that are tissue thin, beautifully shaped and detailed. They appear almost transparent, a look that I have found to be lacking in other butterfly boxes. Each has come to rest on a petite oval box, 1.25 inches across, surrounded with tall blades of grass and tiny blooms that accent the delicacy of the box. Inside a flower detail and the clasp another butterfly. Available in blue or yellow. Ours alone. $152.90 each.

C. The What You See Inside is Someone I Love Box. When she opens it what she will see inside is YOUR MOM!  On the outside, a Sévre blue border with a pink and gold cartouche that frames a tiny bouquet of pink roses and blue forget-me-nots.  Inside, two framed mirrors, one a magnifying mirror with beveled edge. Your card should read as my title does.  It is a lovely thought, very sentimental and quite unique.  It has been used before, a long time ago, and that love lasted a lifetime.  Our price: $189.90. A small price to pay for something that will reflect your love always.

D. The Antique Rougepot Box. On the outside it is a delightful little box shaped as an antique rouge pot. But wait! Open it! Inside hangs a tiny gold heart! A reminder of your love each time it is opened.  Ivory with Sévre blue and roses decorate the box and the clasp is a French bow. Retail: About $171.00. Our price: $154.90

E. The “To Mother With Love” Letter Box.
On the outside it is an addressed and stamped envelope decorated with roses.  On the inside is a card, dimensional and removable, that says, “To Mother With Love.”  If you wish, the card can be personalized on the reverse side.  The box closes with a French bow. Our price: $209.90.

F. The “To Mother With Love” Photograph Album Box.  A cartouche of ribbons and roses surrounds the dedication on the cover of this photo album.  Open it and inside are two heart shaped frames for pictures of you and whomever else gets to call her Mom or Grandmom.  Lovely to fill with pictures of your children for their Grandmother.  She can carry it in her purse and in an offhand way show it and say, “Oh my daughter/son gave this to me for Mother’s Day” as on-watchers turn green with envy!  Our price: $199.90.

And if you were thinking of flowers for Mother’s Day:
G. The Pansy Bunny Bearing a Pot of Pansies Box. From Chamart, this is one of their most successful boxes.  It is available dressed for every season and for several of the holidays.  Here it is carrying a pot filled with pansies, just right for this time of the year.  So much nicer than giving fresh flowers and it really doesn’t cost any more, flowers being so costly today. And flowers are gone in a week while this goes on being enjoyed forever.  It is decorated with pansies as well having a clump of them inside, painted.  And, oh yes, there is a pansy for the clasp.  Our price: $184.90.

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