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Memorable Mementos for Mother’s Day
There is one thing that we all come into this world having --a mother!  And from the moment of our birth her life changes dramatically.  Forever after we are in her thoughts constantly.  We take precedence over all else in her life and it will ever be thus.  She nurtures us, teaches us, feeds us, clothes us, watches over us in every way until we are grown and then, when we think we are adults and can manage on our own -- that’s when we find out just how much we still rely on her.  Her wisdom, her life experience, and above all her love for us, give us an anchor, someone whom we know will always be there for us no matter the situation, the need or the time.

H. The Heart of One Who is Far Away Box.  If you are far away from votre mère this is the perfect piece to express not only your love but your thoughtfulness.  The cerise box has a white ground cartouche filled with a spray of ruby roses. Twined hearts for the clasp and it opens to reveal a gold washed interior with the surprise of a tiny gold picture frame that stands upright in the box to be filled with your picture.  You won’t even need a card.  The heart and the picture will say it all.  Retail:  About $
155.00.  Our price: $139.90.

I . The Wild Rose Parfum Chest.  The night sky navy blue ground decorated with a gold cartouche displaying  sprays of wild roses repeats both on lid and base of the box.  Much of the painting is done in relief to give it additional dimension.  Inside the box three jewel topped perfume flacons that are usable. An elegant way to display perfume rather than in the commercial bottles one normally sees.  Retail: About $255.00.  Our price: $229.90.

J. The Double Hinged Cherry Blossom Box
--A stunning piece that displays handsomely and makes an elegant statement. I bring to your attention something that I don't think you can truly see in the photograph. The blue of the base has a near transparent film covering of wispy white kind of clouds that makes the blue look almost smoky, as if there is a very thin cloud cover against a deep blue sky. An interesting and very effective coloring. It speaks to the artist's knowledge and skill.  Both sides of the interior of the box have detailed sprays of cherry blossoms on lid and box bottom and the clasps are, of course, cherry blossoms.  Retail: About $225.00. Our price: $202.90.

K. The Scissor Shaped Limoges Box.
A smidgen under 4 inches in length, this larger than usual Limoges box has a raison d'etre: it houses a gold scissor.  Wonderful for a lady's dressing table or for a guest powder room or for expressing an apology for a cutting remark!  This box is a first for us!  We have never had, nor have I ever seen, a Limoges encased scissor prior to finding this one.  A delightful gift that has a purpose in life; cutting out, cutting up, cutting down or cutting to.  A useful piece for someone who has everything.  Retail:  About  $197.00. Our price: $177.90.

L.  The Bejeweled Egg Box. Inspired by the Eggs of Fabergé this exquisitely painted Egg is divided into panels much as the Fabergé Eggs often were.  It mimes the laurel wreath dividers and the enamel guilloché ground and is studded with occasional ruby colored stones.  From a base of acanthus leaf legs it rises to a tasseled bale set on a star shaped cap.  Open the Egg and inside a cut glass perfume flacon with a ruby jeweled cap washed in gold, usable.  Retail:  About $253.00.  Our price: $229.90.

M.  The Parfum Tantalus Box.
This box has been made for more than 9 years and we have carried it for all of that time. A while back I decided to drop it from the catalog because it was such an old piece and I thought our collectors were all familiar with it but every time I decided not to order it again we received another request for it. I have never counted how many of this box we have sold but I am fairly certain that it is considerably more than any other box we have ever carried. The fact is that it is exquisitely made and beautifully painted and is still one of the finest of all perfume boxes. The detail on the box is superb from the beaded edge which is repeated in the beading of the metal frame to the porcelain frame that houses the jewel topped flacons. It is truly an elegant piece that has stood the test of time. Retail: $185.00. Our price $166.90. Encore performance.

This box is an original Parry Vieille piece and is the last of this particular piece in this coloring. It carries the Parry Vieille mark which is no longer permitted to be used.

N. The Rochard Studio Collection Rose Chest.
The chest is a pinched elongated oval that is porcelain footed in gold. The floral decor is very highly detailed and painted with several layers of paint for the look of relief that makes the flowers appear to be raised from their ground. The shading of the roses is masterful and the leaves are veined just as rose leaves are. I count more than 15 colors on the box so you can imagine the number of firings required for a piece such as this. The clasp is a very elaborate spray of floral buds and leaves, more elaborate than the usual clasps. If a classic box might be your choice, this would be the one to be treasured forever. Retail: About $285.00. Our price: $256.90.
(This piece is 3" wide and 1 inch high and is large enough to be displayed individually.)

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