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Monkey See, Monkey Do

We have never had monkeys in the catalog before.  For some reason monkeys as boxes never attracted me but then I saw these two and they struck me as being great fun and very clever besides being very well done -- so here they are.

A.  The More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys Box. This little fellow is scratching his head wondering why anyone ever came up with that strange expression.  He’s sitting there wondering when the fun will start. Open the barrel and there are three tiny monkeys inside, dimensional and removable. Let them out and that’s when the fun starts!  The clasp is a monkey looking in a mirror.  And that’s fun as well.  Our price: $209.90.  Pretty inexpensive for 4 monkeys and a barrel of laughs.

B. The World Famous Explorer Box. Dressed in his pith helmet and multi pocketed khaki safari shirt, clutching his sling shot in one hand, this curious chap is surrounded by  his maps of buried treasure, the open trunk filled with the treasure and flora and fauna of the island he is on.  Open the box and inside is the island on which the treasure was found, his sailing ship moored off shore, coconut palms and a native hut. The clasp is a barrel filled with --of all things --rum! The scoops for getting the rum out of the barrel are part of the clasp as well.  A strange subject for a Limoges box but very well done, the detailing of the box is impressive.  Perhaps this is Curious George grown up?  Retail: About $195.00.  Our price: $175.90.  If you are into monkeys this a very well done box.

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