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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Jane Austen Devotees!
If a day is not complete without your having your daily quota of Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility then this is a box that is a must for you.  Spending a few hours in the England of yesteryear is how I like to end my day and if that is your idea of a great thing to do as well -- then  think what fun it would be to own this piece.  It was designed with you in mind!

The Four in Hand Box. (also known as a coach and four) Chamart has done it again!  They have made a most remarkable Limoges box.  A closed carriage drawn by four horses with the Coachman and Footman perched atop it, the Footman with his brass horn to sound  their coming and clear their way.  They are both dressed in the style of the day with those wonderful stove pipe hats that every Englishman wore in the 19th and early 20th centuries and that even today the Oxford and Eton boys still sport on occasion.

I can just see Colin Firth in it on his way to London to find  the infamous Mr. Wickham and Lydia Bennett. The producer of the film, Sue Birtwistle, describes Mr. Darcy, Colin Firth, as The Avenger in this scene and he truly looked exactly like that.

The box is slightly larger --  4 inches across -- than our usual boxes but with subject matter such as this it is not possible to achieve the detail  in  a lesser size.

My rule is that I do not keep Limoges boxes for myself except kitty boxes or else I would never sell what I buy!  I am about to break that rule.  I find that I just must have this box!  I hope you will feel the same.
Our price: $599.90.

If you haven’t read Jane Austen you are missing one of the great novelists of all time.  Don’t let the fact that her books might have been required reading in your early school years keep you from rereading them.  They are marvelously well written and this film version of Pride and Prejudice is absolute perfection. The actors actually become the people they are portraying.  You lose sight of them as actors completely.  They become the characters, not actors. Jennifer Ehle, who plays Elizabeth Bennet, said that she stopped seeing her friends while she was making this film --and it was for many months.  She wanted to remain in character the entire time she was filming.

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