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Limoges Porcelain Boxes

Great Films and Authors: "Sense and Sensibility "

Another Jane Austen masterpiece, Sense and Sensibility, brought this charming box to my mind.  The film opens with the three Dashwood sisters and their newly widowed mother still living on the family estate Norland though shortly to be required to leave it. British law in those years, 19th century, dictated houses passed to the oldest male in the line, never to a female. In any case, the youngest of the three girls has a tree house on the estate in which she spends much of her time. There is a touching scene in which Elinor, the oldest sister, is pleading with Margaret, the youngest sister, to come down from her perch in the tree house because no one has seen her for days.  She doesn’t appear at all in the scene and it isn’t until several days later when the new Norland owners have their brother Edward for a visit, that Margaret finally descends from her tree house and rejoins the family.  Margaret and Edward become great friends although he is an adult and she just a child.  If you haven’t seen the film  or read the book, do.  Both are marvelous. From Chamart. Our price: $252.90.

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