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How Does Your Garden Grow 5
Once again Chamart has come up with a collection of flower boxes that are just beautiful!  A bit different than what they have done before and with a melange of colors that is extremely pleasing to the senses.  If you haven’t started a collection of flower boxes a few of these would be a wonderful way to begin. Notice, if you will, that several of them are Limited Editions of only 150 boxes.  (Chamart Limited Editions are exactly what they say they are, limited.  When they are gone, that’s it!  They never produce that box again.)

AA. The Latticed Egg with Blossoms Box.  The lattice, outlined in blue, is done in relief and gives almost a woven feel to the Egg shaped box.  Scattered over the lattice a half dozen beautiful blooms in varied colors, all dimensional, each with their foliage. Around the base on a gold ground, roses.  Inside a cluster of gold leaves and the clasp a flower.  Our price: $259.90.

BB. The Wild Roses in Spring Box.
Wild Roses are quite different that the cultivated roses we all prize in our gardens. They are a much simpler flower, not  multi petaled as a cultivated rose is and not as heavily scented as roses that have been developed by the growers.  They are sweet and simple and almost of another time.  They bloom prolifically and require almost no care.  Here a cluster of them in varied colors.  They are dimensional along with their foliage and as they drop down to the base of the box they are painted.    Inside, a stylized floral in gold.  The clasp, a highly detailed butterfly. A Limited Edition of 150 boxes.  Our price: $349.90.

CC.  The Summer of Morning Glories Box.  
There is a home that I often drive by that comes alive in summer with a parade of Morning Glories that over the years has come to be the most spectacular thing.  The blooms are so prolific that they wind around and over a split rail fence that borders the property  and the brilliant blue is electrifying.  You can see cars stopping to look at this gorgeous display created by a rather common flower.  Amazing what it does for a not pretentious house. Flowers do that!  A beautiful garden can turn an ordinary house into something a lot more than ordinary.  And that is true inside the home as well.  A few beautiful floral boxes can create the same response from your guests not to mention the pleasure they will give you on a daily basis.  And all year round not just in summer!  The Morning Glory  and two other summer blooms and their foliage are all dimensional atop this small oval box. The display carries to the base of the box but there it is painted.  A Limited Edition of 150 boxes.  Our price: $349.90.

DD.  The Pansy Pill Box. (photo coming soon...)
I often get requests for pillboxes and so few of our boxes are really sized or shaped for that use that this last market period I looked for one that would serve that purpose and this box will do it admirably.  It is small but deep enough to hold a number of pills or capsules of whatever size; it is not delicate so it can live happily in your purse without creating problems; it has a sturdy clasp and all told I think it is perfect for the purpose. The base of the box has a design of blue pansies that is highly stylized.  The lid of the box offers just one beautiful pansy in bas relief and is elegantly colored.  I might also say that the lid coloring will make it easy to find in the dark depths of your handbag.  Inside a tiny motif in blue and the clasp is an oval in an interesting geometric design.  Our price: $197.90.

EE.  The Scent of Roses Parfum Box.  
(No, I didn’t misspell perfume, and it is not a typo, it is the French spelling.)  A very unusual shape and an even more unusual treatment of the shape.  Notice the open fretwork in dull gold metal that girdles this oddly shaped box. It is a cutout of a floral design but it is very delicately done and requires a magnifying glass to really see just what the design is.  And, it has a purpose which we will get to shortly.  The lid of this strangely shaped box is covered with roses in two colors and different stages of bloom along with their greenery, some dimensional and some in relief. They completely cover the lid of the box.  The base of the box, below the fretwork, is a ring of roses, painted.  Open the lid and inside, sitting in a  gold surround, a rose colored glass perfume flacon with a jeweled top. That fretwork I mentioned a moment ago is to permit any escaping scent to permeate the area around the box.  A nice touch.  Our price: $324.90.    

FF. The Iris Parfum Flacon Box.  
Much like an elongated vase with the strappy leaves of the Iris decorating it in relief and dimensionally. Rising from the top of the vase an Iris that is dimensional.  Actually, the Iris is the lid of the box and is attached by a fine gold chain.  A very imaginative and unusual piece.  Our price: $249.90.

GG.  The Rose Parfum Flacon Box.
A gold vase with dimensional Roses and their buds  climbing the sides of it, capped by a single dimensional Rose rising from the vase. The Rose is the lid of the
box and it is held to the box by a fine gold chain.  Our price: $249.90.

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