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The Foxiest Boxes
The word "foxy" has come to mean so many things: pretty, good looking, crafty, shrewd, cunning, deceptive, clever, artful, designing, intriguing, conniving in addition to which it also means the coloring of a fox when referring to the color not the fox. In other forms such as "foxing" it refers to the upper covering of a leather shoe. Strange word. Simple, only 4 letters, yet it has a dozen different meanings. The English language, as Americans speak it, is a very difficult language.The boxes that follow are all foxy in some sense of the word.

A/B. The Foxiest Couple Boxes. The Vixen: dressed in her Easter outfit, bonnet and all, she is looking pretty foxy! Inside both boxes -- a bunch of Fox grapes. (Yet another meaning for the word; purple grapes that are musky.) The Fox: elegantly dressed in his best for the fox hunt. He's carrying a bunch of posies so this fox hunt is to be taken literally. Aren't they something together? I just love their tails. Our price for each: $197.90. If you want them as a pair, speak up and let me know, there will be a little something more off the prices.

C. Meet Crafty and Wily, The Renard Brothers Box. This could be an interesting chess match, each trying to outfox the other and who better to deceive than these two. And they have such honest faces. Inside, Fox grapes, painted, and the clasp is a fleur de lis. (They must be French foxes.) Our price: $257.90.

D. The If You're The Fox Turnabout is Fair Play Box. He's pretty nifty in his white britches and red hunting jacket. And don't you love the black velvet hat? Artoria has been making this box for years and I have always loved it. Inside, his hat, and a horseshoe, painted. The clasp in another horseshoe. Retail: About $189.00. Our price: $170.90.

E. Renard the Gambler Box. He's trying his wiles on the "Slots". I'd like to see him outwit that "One Armed Bandit". I've tried for years and never succeeded. But wait! Look at the display. All cherries showing and above, it says 400000. The Big Winner! Inside, change for the slots. The clasp is unimportant to the box. Our price: $249.90.

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