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Best of Breed in Miniature

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Although most of these breeds are represented in our regular Best of Breed collection these miniatures were so wonderfully well done that I felt they deserved to be a part of our catalog. These are all considerably smaller boxes than the rest of our dog boxes and despite that, they have remarkable detail to them.They are made by a new Atelier. As I understand it, this is their very first collection. I say, Well Done! And I hope that you will think so, too. The oval bases are 1 3/4 inches wide and the animals on the oval base are 1 3/4 inches tall.

A. The German Shepherd Box. As a faithful friend and companion this is a difficult dog to beat. They are steadfast in their loyalties, wonderful companions and extremely intelligent. Often used for police work, I have noticed them repeatedly being used in the area of the World Trade Center in recent months. The box is a faithful but very small reproduction of this marvelous breed. Sitting on a grassy surface, leaves all about with his head cocked as if listening for a command. Inside more leaves, painted. Retail: About $143.00. Our price: $129.90.

B. The 13 Inch Beagle Box. Isn't she just adorable? Very young, just a pup, but when she grows up she will be a 13 Inch Beagle, Actually, this is a dog we had for more than 15 years. A marvelously well dispositioned dog who loved children, loved to play, was a great wanderer and for the first couple of years of her life, was the champion chewer upper of dogdom. She chewed everything including a pair of fur rugs that I had that she attempted to kill. They didn't fight back so she won and that was the end of the rugs. At the age of 2 the chewing stopped and the wandering began. Everyone knew Lucy and everyone loved her. And you will too. Retail: About $153.00. Our price: $138.90. A permanent resident of our kennel.  

C. The Dachshund Box. A tough little guy who will take on anyone despite his size.He doesn't see himself as a small dog, I guess. Spunky, very curious and attached to his family, he is, nevertheless, friendly.They are very lively and have upbeat personalities. He is standing in his yard and inside the box is his kennel. The clasp is a friend. Retail: About $197.00. Our price: $177.90. NEW

D. The Basset Hound Box. He of the very short legs, the very deep chest, the very long ears and the most soulful eyes in all of dogdom. Ever notice that Bassets rarely sit the way other breeds do, straight up? In the 1920's there was a dance called the Black Bottom. They must have named it after him. He of the black bottom. He's ensconced on a bed of leaves with more inside, painted. The clasp is a French bow. Retail: About $139.00. Our price: $125.90. NEW and wanting to be the one you pick.

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