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All Hallow's Eve: When Things Go Bump in The Night

In ancient Britain and Ireland, the Celtic festival of Samhain eve was observed on October 31. It was also the eve of the new year in both Celtic and Anglo-Saxon times and was the occasion for huge fire festivals when enormous bonfires were set on hilltops to frighten away evil spirits. The souls of the dead were supposed to revisit their homes on this day and ghosts, witches, hobgoblins, black cats, fairies and demons of all kinds were said to be roaming about. Over the years Halloween has become a secular celebration enjoyed mainly by the young and though the symbols have remained much the same, the method of celebration has not. For the kids it is Trick or Treat and sweets of every variety abound. The pumpkin, by the way, was added to the mix in the USA. It was the symbol for a night watchman, the jack-o-lantern. Although today they are used as exterior holiday decorations, originally they were meant to warn tricksters away. A. The Halloween Loot Box. When I was a little kid, my friends and I would stop at the "Candy Store" every day coming home from school. We always had a penny or two clutched in our hands and we would stand for several minutes debating over which candy we would get that day. In those days you could get several pieces of candy for a penny. The gentleman who owned the store would watch us finger the glass case in which they were displayed and repeatedly say, "Look but don't touch" but we always did. How could you make such an important decision without pointing at it? So there would be fingerprints all over the case when we had finally made our choices. That was before Windex arrived so cleaning our daily marks off the case was a BIG deal. Anyway, when we had chosen, he would put the candies into small brown paper sacks and we would hand over our pennies. Then we would leave the store and walk home sloooowly so that all of the candy could be eaten before we ever got home. My Mother always wondered why I never wanted milk and cookies after school. I never told her and she never found out. My largess was from sources other than my Mom, obviously. The entire box is done in deep relief and the candy looks good enough to eat!!! In the center of the cover, a huge jack-o-lantern in a sea of jelly beans, peppermints M and M's, Indian Corn and chocolate kisses. Inside a Bon Bon and the clasp, a fruit. Colorful and fun!! Retail: About $189.00. Our price: $170.90. Reduced to $99.93.

B. The Witchiest Witch of Them All Box. When I saw this box it just broke me up. The witch is hilarious! She's got warts and a hook nose and long scraggly red hair that sort of hangs down all over, her clothes have patches on them and her hands are dirty and to make the cheese more binding -- she hasn't a tooth in her mouth. On her witch's hat is a skull, a bat in brass is flying just off to her right and she is holding a huge book filled with malevolent hexes and cackling delightedly at them. She's probably planning something really virulent. A tiny black and grey cat sits waiting for her and her broom is resting partly on her book and partly on her arm while she mulls over which hex she is going to cast on the next person in her line of vision. Don't get too close! You might be the one. Inside she's got a fire going with a huge kettle of ????? The clasp is an owl. Retail: About $198.00. Our price: $177.90. Scaaarrrrry! Reduced to $124.5.

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